Sunday, January 2, 2011

Where Has My Baby Gone?

I got an email this morning from Baby Center {as I do every month} asking me this question.  My little girl is 16 months today.  She is walking, talking, running, and very aware of the world around her. Very different from how she was 16 months ago. It amazes me how quickly time has passed since she was born.

It seems like just yesterday we were taking her home from the hospital and I could hold her in my arms all day and night.  Now, I am lucky to get to hold her for five minutes before she wiggles her way from me.  

Harlan and I sat watching videos of her this morning from when she was younger.  We watched as she jumped around in her bouncer and babbled words that were unrecognizable.  It made me miss those moments that I had with her and learn to cherish the ones that I have with her now and in the future.

She is growing before my eyes and it's not until I stop and take a moment to look back, that I can really see how much she has grown.  Being with her every moment of everyday doesn't really let me see how much she grows from month to month.  

Although her growth may not be apparent to me everyday, what is apparent is the amazing person she is becoming.  

She may not be a baby anymore, but she will always be my little girl.


  1. I just had this same realization about my little boy...he will be 23 months in 4 days! I went through some of his baby clothes and almost broke down. Then I went through pictures from when he was 2 months old up until today and just can't believe how much he has grown!

  2. Stopping by from "Say Hi Sunday" to say hello. Your daughter is darling. Yes, they grow so fast. Mine is 26 and I still wonder where the time went...

  3. She IS amazing. And amazingly cute as well! I get those Baby Center emails too and sometimes they leave me asking the same type of questions. I remember when my son was her age and I was just like, "wow, I have a full blown toddler on my hands!" I couldn't believe it. It's true what they say, our children grow up so fast. We have to enjoy it and cherish it while we can.

  4. OMGoodness,just all kinds of cute. My eldest is now about to turn 13, in a week, a week, I'm not ready. I remember when she looked like this and i wanted to stop time, i still do. I went from putting cute little hats on her little naked head (still at two) to buying fancy conditioners for her long glossy locks ... go look at them. She has a blog called Wise Words by Wiki, just look how time flew - when I still see her in her high chair.
    Enjoy the moments - gosh they leave us behind too fast!

  5. Such a sweet post!

    My mom says its like a movie to watch my sister and I grow and its surreal to see as as adults. At Christmas she always tells us our favorite childhood stories. Harlan is so lucky because in the blog she will have your words & thoughts. It's a precious gift to her.

  6. I found your blog on Mom Blog Monday.

    You daughter is a sweet heart. I love those pics. I have a 5 year old and I can't believe it, and my baby is 6 months... I am about to get teary just thinking about it. I cherish all the time I have with my girls.. they are growing so fast.

  7. I feel ya Mama. It's insane how quickly the time flies by! Happy 16-month birthday Harlan!