Friday, November 5, 2010

Big City Mom's Biggest Baby Shower

On Tuesday I  had the opportunity to attend to the biggest event for moms and mom-to-be.  Big City Moms is a great group of women that put on wonderful event for parents and kids and have helped make this transition here great for me.  The Biggest Baby Shower is a spectacular event that happens twice a year.  It is the go to event for moms in the city!  They even have AMAZING prizes and HUGE gift bags.

If you can imagine a huge room with pregnant women bumping bellies and getting a peak at the best brands for their baby, then you've got the Biggest Baby Shower.  The room at the Metropolitan Pavilion was packed with amazing brands like Skip Hop, Bugaboo, Uppa Baby, Din Dins Food, Britax.  If there is a company that involves baby, it was there.

I would have never thought that I would find baby products so interesting, but after moving to a city that is saturated with all things baby, I find myself searching the Internet and going into baby stores to find out what the hottest new stroller is to come out on the market (I am really excited for the Bugaboo Donkey) or to find out what new stylish diaper bag I can find to carry around (just got the Skip Hop Versa and I LOVE it.) Who would have known that baby items would be so fascinating to me?  If you like baby items just as much as I do then you need to attend this event in the spring.

One of the reasons I was really excited to go to this event was to hear Dr. Alan Greene, a nationally known pediatrician, speak.  Years ago, when I worked for Pitch Inc in Tampa, Dr. Greene was a part of one of our clients, The Organic Center.  While I learned a great deal with regards to organic food and nutrition, I didn't think much of it when it came to feeding my child.  I had no kids at the time and it didn't really have any interest to me.  Now that I have Harlan, I   pay more attention to that stuff.  When I was pregnant I began to read some of the things that Dr. Greene had on his website and ways that I can make sure Harlan maintains a healthy lifestyle.  He spoke at the event and had great advice for feeding your babies (I'll put some of this at the end of the blog.)  We had a great conversation and gave me great tips for getting Harlan to be less picky about what she eats.

I also had a chance to meet with some of the great people of Skip Hop. When I was in Tampa, I had never heard of this baby brand, but they have quickly become my favorite since moving to the city.  They have some great new stuff coming out in 2011, so be on the lookout.

Some of my favorite brands from the show were: Din Dins Food (healthy, organic prepared food for toddlers), Bugaboo (fabulous strollers), Sam Simon (stunning murals and artwork), Skip Hop (great variety of chic and modern baby products), Delta Children (great children's furniture at a reasonable price), Britax (top of the line car seats).

As I mentioned in my earlier post Bursting My Bubble this was a big night for me.  I had a great time and was really proud of myself.  I made a huge step.  I went up, introduced myself to people and let all fears and anxieties go.  Not only did I leave the event with tons of great baby items, but I also left with a boost in my confidence.  That is what I call a successful night!


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