Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Day in the Life: First Edition

Yesterday Harlan and I got up and out of the house early to spend the day in this perfect city with perfect weather.  I decided to chronicle our day with pictures and want to make this a weekly edition on my blog.  Here we go!

My mom got her this fur vest and she was too tiny to wear it.  It is still a little big, but I wanted her to wear it anyway. I was calling her Rachel Zoe all day long.  It took her a while to get used to having it on.  I loved it though. 
One of my favorite pics of the day. She was running up and down the hallway chasing the dogs with her baby stroller.
Off to eat lunch with my sister.  She fell asleep within minutes of being outside.  Notice she fell asleep with her snacks in hand.
Still sleeping.  She looks super cozy!
Finally at lunch and eat chicken fingers {shocker!} She just tried honey mustard for the first time in this picture.  That is why she has the weird face.
She loved the honey mustard so much that she kept dipping her french fries in there just to suck off the sauce. 
On our way back home drinking milk.  Looking stylish with her vest.
On our way to gym open play with baby doll in hand.  The thing is almost as big as she is!
Hanging from the trapeze bars.  My little monkey.
She loves to bounce and jump so you can only imagine how much time she spend on this thing!
She took claim over this bridge and would not let anyone else get on!  Only child syndrome already!
Jumping into the ball pit.  She could spend all day in this thing
One of her favorite things to do at open play is jump in this ball pit.
Tired little girl.
So tired from our long day. Resting on the couch watching "Yo Gabba Gabba."  Her favorite show.
I love this little girl with all of my heart.
Playing with my camera on my phone! 
Posing for the camera.  She liked to see herself in the screen while taking these.

I got The Elf on the Shelf book to start a new tradition for our family.  Harlan loved him.
Mid-way through the book we realized that the one and only rule for the elf is no touching.  She broke that rule right away!
Finishing The Elf on the Shelf.  We named him Ralf.  Harlan calls him "Ra Ra."  One last special moment before bedtime.


  1. adorable!!
    I like your blog, it's super sweet and heart warming.

  2. What a doll! I want that vest! Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!!