Monday, November 1, 2010

Goodbye Halloween, Hello Thanksgiving

Isn't this time of year great?  We sadly say goodbye to another holiday, but have so many to look forward to in the next couple of months.  Thanksgiving is only 24 days away and Christmas will be here before we know it!

Halloween this year was insane!  After four parties and plenty of costume meltdowns, we are a little bit "Halloweened" out in our house.  This was our first Halloween as a family in the city.  Although it is very different than a Halloween in Tampa (no trick-or-treaters or pumpkin carving) I had such a great time and experienced many Halloween "firsts."

Yesterday we went to an awesome event put on by Big City Moms at Kidville.  I was a bit worried at first that it would be too crowded and Harlan would have a hard time doing things because I knew there would be a lot of kids and families there.  But it was perfect.  There were plenty of rooms with different activities to do.  Harlan decorated a pumpkin bag with stickers (that she carried around the apartment all day taking the stickers off the bag and onto herself), we saw an amazing performance by Little Maestros ( Harlan sat in my lap the entire time mesmerized) and had some delicious food.  We even got an awesome gift bag as we were leaving.  I think this event is definitely going to become and annual thing for our family.

Here in NYC trick-or-treating is a lot different.  Bigger buildings have lists that you sign up on to tell them whether or not you are willing to pass out candy.  Then kids go floor to floor in the building trick-or-treating at the participating apartments.  We knew we weren't going to take her trick or treating this year because our building is smaller and doesn't put anything on (although next year if we still live in the building I might talk to management about putting something together).  Instead of going around door to door we took a nice family walk around our neighborhood.  It was such a great sight to see all of the little kids dressed in some pretty amazing costumes.  We also saw many adults dressed up and ready for the Halloween parade downtown.  Halloween is definitely not just a kid holiday around here. 

Now that we are into November (already!)  I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving. We are spending it with my family this year in Alabama.  Even though I am really beginning to love this city, I am ready to get out and see suburban life.  I do miss my family too. Not living near them is very weird and sometimes makes me feel out of the loop.  It will be nice to spend quality time with them, get away for a week and recharge.  I am secretly really excited for the food too!

So yet ends another spooky holiday only to prepare us for a food filled holiday ahead.  Are your tummy's ready?!

Here are a few pics of our Halloween fun this week!

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