Thursday, October 28, 2010

Will you please make up your mind?!

I have been boasting lately about the wonderful weather we have been having here.  The leaves are starting to change.  The air is cool and brisk.  It's the type of weather that gets me excited to do my hair because I know that it won't go flat the second I step out the door (you ladies know what I'm talking about.)

Well, I probably spoke to soon because the weather lately is beginning to resemble that of the scorching summer and not of the fantastic fall.  It's not completely hot here (not for Tampa standards anyway) but with the humidity, it is a killer! 

I put up my summer clothes a while ago.  I think I might be starting to regret that decision.  At least this week anyway.  At the first glimpse of fall I was eager to get out my sweaters and scarves.  Since I can remember, I have never had the chance to really experience seasons.  In Florida you get warm, hot, and hotter.  When it was 60 degrees in Tampa people got out their Uggs and pea coats.  Yes, we are crazy sometimes, but we took advantage of any cool weather we could get. 

Not only has the weather been warm and humid here, but it has also been rainy.  Normally I don't mind the rain, but when you know that walking outside is your means of transportation, it's not the type of weather you wish for everyday. 

Harlan and I had her gym class yesterday and she also had her Halloween party for her playgroup.  She isn't a big fan of having her rain cover on her stroller (heck, who would like to have a big plastic cover blocking your view of this amazing city?)  I put on the cover as a precaution before we went outside and of course the second we walk outside it isn't raining.  So rather than keeping it on and listening to her whine, I took it off.  After about five minutes without the cover, it starts to sprinkle again! 

Come on weather, make up your mind already!! If you want to rain, please rain consistently, not off and on please? And could you please get rid of this humidity for me?  Thanks.

I think once Harlan gets a little bit older and we don't have to rely on the stroller everywhere we go, I might enjoy the rain better.  We can both go out with our rain coats and rain boots and jump in the puddles together.  Right now, I just find myself dodging them so my stroller wheels are splashing water on everyone walking next to us. 

Good news in on the horizon though.  The weatherman this morning said that this weekend is supposed to be perfect and much more fall-like.  Thank you, weather gods, for listening to my pleas!  I will gladly welcome back the cooler weather and say adios to the warm weather!  Will I be eating those words come this winter?

Here are a few pics of Harlan at class today.  She is getting so big and so strong!  Look at these skills!  Is she a future gymnast or what?!

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  1. A future gymnast for sure! Looks fun.