Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Day in the Life: Second Edition

I got finished blow drying my hair this morning only to find Harlan asleep on the couch.  She fell asleep watching Gabba.

Harlan wearing her Kula Klips bow.  The ONLY bow that will stay on her head! I love them!!

Eating lunch.  Hudson is waiting for her to drop some of her food.  He does this at every meal.
Ready to go see Dylan (Har's best friend) and head to appleseeds in Flat Iron
It was chilly out today, but Harlan still loved being out in her stroller and going for a walk.
No train for us today.  We took a cab!  Eating a little snack before going to play.
At appleseeds.  I spelled her name but she immediately started taking the letters down.

Then she proceeded to get into the letter box and get all of the letters down from the entire board. 
Harlan and Dylan driving the taxi!  Take me to Central Park!!
She would go to each window in this thing and smush her face against it.  She then started to go up to the windows and give me a kiss through each of them.  She loves giving kisses.
One of her favorites.  All fake food. 
She would take each piece down and pretend to bite it and say "mmmmm" then throw it on the ground.  She's a character!
She helped me with my grocery shopping! ;)
She sat at this Lego table for fifteen minutes.  I had no idea she liked them that much.  Good thing my mom just told me she got her some for Christmas.
On our way home.  Another cab ride!  She was looking out the window waving at people in other cars and crossing the street.
Our walk home from Dylan's!  It was starting to get really cold out so I made sure she was bundled up. 
We are lucky to live near Dylan's Candy Bar because they have these great holiday window displays.  I try and take her by there everyday to see them.  She just loves them.
Got home and we started playing pretend again.  She fixed something in her kitchen and then pretended to taste it and said "mmmmm" She watched herself do it in the mirror and was very amused with herself.  I was amused too.  Amazing how much she can make me laugh.

Starting to wind down and watch Gabba with her Foofa doll.


Laying on my leg watching tv before dinner.

Brushing her teeth. She loves doing it.  She says "ch ch ch ch" when she wants to brush them. All because MacKay taught her a teeth brushing song that had  that sound in it.

Daddy's home and giving him one last home before bed time.


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