Thursday, December 9, 2010

My little chatter box

On Tuesday I took Harlan for her 15 month check up.  I was so curious to see how much she has grown since our 12 month visit.  I was convinced that she had gained at least 3 pounds because she is really getting heavy when I hold her.  I was shocked to know that she only gained a little over a pound (which still puts her below the 5th percentile) and even more shocked to see that she grew over 2 inches and jumped from the 20th to 50th percentile in height.

During the exam they ask all of the routine questions to see if she is making her developmental goals. Does she walk on her own, say mama and dada correctly, drink milk, etc.  One of the questions that made me chuckle a little was if she had more than three words in her vocabulary.  It scares me sometimes at how much Harlan talks.  This is a girl who's first word was "poop" (heard by her teachers at daycare in Tampa.)  Not a very traditional first word, but I'll take it. 

In the past month she has started to copy everything I say.  I tell the dogs to move, she has caught on and now when they get in her way she tells them to move too.  I am starting to learn to bite my tongue a little so that I don't teach her any negative or bad words.  Her new favorite word is no.  The other night my sister was over and Harlan was climbing on the furniture and my sister looked at her and pointed her finger saying "no no no."  Instead of getting down like she was supposed to, she turned to my sister with her finger pointed and said, "no no no."  My sister, MacKay and I looked at each other and just started laughing. How can you get mad at something that cute? 

She has started to really take on the word and tells the dogs no all the time, she tells me no when she doesn't want to eat her dinner, and will even tell me no I am watching my show on TV instead of hers. 

Her latest accomplishment that I am proud of is that she has learned to say please and thank you.  I've been trying to teach her for a while and she has fully taken it on and is using it correctly and frequently. 

All this chatter coming from her makes me nervous as to what's in store when she is older and can actually carry on a conversation.  My sister and I were in Bloomingdales the other day and saw a little girl with her mom playing pretend.  The little girl kept telling her mom to participate and would tell her everything she had to say in the process.  They mother looked less than thrilled at having to say every little thing her daughter wanted her to.  I looked at my sister laughing and said, "That is going to be me and Harlan someday." 

But for now I am cherishing these little moments watching her grow into a talkative young lady who is full of laughs and energy.


  1. First of all, sounds about right that if she jumped up in height she wouldn't have gained that much weight. She's going to be tall and skinny! Sounds good to me!

    Second, I cannot believe how much she is talking! Sebastian only says dada! Enjoy it. Soon she'll be able to tell you exactly what she wants and doesn't which will alleviate a lot of frustration! I CANNOT wait to hear what my little guy is thinking (if anything hahaa)

  2. Impressive! Especially using Please and Thank You :) Nice job Momma. I love when little kids say "no, no, no" in such funny ways.