Friday, December 3, 2010

Her Very Own Tree

Christmas is by far my favorite time of year.  People are filled with the holiday spirit and the decorations and lights fill my heart with joy.  Growing up my mom would fill our house with decorations.  She put a themed Christmas tree in every room.  We had wreaths hanging from every window outside and the trees were filled with lights. On Christmas Eve we would fill the streets with luminaries so that Santa could find his way around our neighborhood.  Those are the memories of this time of year that I will cherish the most.

Last year at this time Harlan was only a few months old and couldn't grasp the concept of this wonderful time of year.  We celebrated here in the city and had a small tree that we got on Christmas Eve.  Now that she is a year older and enjoys seeing all of the decorations and window displays, I wanted to do something special for her to get her into the holiday spirit.  I bought her her very own Christmas tree.

I found a cute pink metallic tree at Urban Outfitters and thought it was perfect for her.  We got lights and little ornament balls and were all set.  She carried the tree the entire way home she was so excited. 

We got home and she helped decorate the tree with me.  She was so proud so have this little piece of Christmas in her room.  

Our final product! 

I know she doesn't fully grasp this concept, but I hope that when she gets older and looks back on this time of year she remembers our special moment together. That the huge smile she has when she sees it lit up will be ingrained in her heart forever. Because I know that is in mine.

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  1. She will LOVE these photos one day! I want a pink tree too!