Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Many people associate New York City with Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, but since moving here I find myself rarely visiting those places.  I have all of it right in my backyard, yet I am confining myself to my neighborhood. 

Last Saturday we played tourists for the day and visited all of the hot spots.  The city is so beautiful this time of year.  It gives off such a heartwarming vibe that even with all of this frigid cold weather {that I haven't had a chance to get used to yet}I am enjoying getting outside and exploring. 

Our first stop was Rockefeller Center to see the fabulous Christmas Tree.  Even though we saw it last year, it still takes my breath away.  To think that something that beautiful can be found in nature is amazing to me.  Harlan was amazed at the colorful lights that covered this beautiful tree.  She just kept saying "Woah, Woah" at the enormous tree.  It was such a different experience than our trip to see the tree last year.  She has grown so much and is so much more aware and fascinated of the world around her now.






We then walked over to watch the ice skating in the rink and I think that Harlan liked that the best.  Something about watching people glide across the ice was very interesting and amusing to her.

We ate a quick lunch in midtown which gave us a chance to warm up a bit before going out and braving the cold weather again. 

After lunch we bundled back into our winter gear and headed over towards what is now Harlan's favorite part of the city, Times Square. 

She was in awe of all of the lights around.  I have never seen her so mesmerized by anything.  She looked at all of the signs and pointed at every one of them.  Babbling away as each light twinkled and flashed. 

 And of course no trip to Times Square would be complete without a chance to see the Naked Cowboy.  How he does it in these freezing temperatures is beyond me.

The sun was starting to set as we made our way over to Bryant Park.  Neither MacKay or I have ever been. It is so great to see it at holiday time because there are so many things to see and do.  Harlan had a great time throwing pennies into the fountain.  She attempted to get in a couple of times and retrieve the pennies after she threw them in.  She didn't get the concept that we have to leave them in there. 

  They have holiday shops set up all around the park.  My favorite shop that I saw was a Grits store that made any type of grits that you can imagine.  Being from the south, I miss my good southern comfort food.  I didn't try it that night but I plan on going back and getting some!  It looked and smelled amazing.

 The park also has an amazing ice staking rink where you can skate for free.  Harlan was amazed yet again with all of the skaters and was thrilled she got a front row seat on the action.  She would reach her hand out and try to touch every skater that would come by.

The park also has another gorgeous tree that is dressed in blue and white lights. It was an amazing site.

We made one last stop at Grand Central Station before taking the train home.  Harlan worked up an appetite from our big day and snacked the entire ride home. 

It is such a joyous and spirited time of year and we had such a great day celebrating this wonderful city that we can now call home.


  1. Great pictures! It looks like you had a fantastic day :) You really braved the cold! Impressive.

    I can't believe he's still out there...the Naked Cowboy. He's loco!

  2. Sounds like you guys had such an amazing time! I dont do it often, but every once in a while I like playing tourist and visiting these sites -- just because. In fact, I plan to to just that one day next week with my son. I predict he's gonna love it.

    Great pictures!

  3. The fact that you don't visit these places MAKES you a New Yorker! lol But I'm glad you guys got to get out there and see all the lights and action, we're doing that this weekend. I'm sure my little guy will try to reach out and touch the skaters too lol.

  4. Love that little grin! Great photos. The city is magical during the holidays, isn't it?

    Yeah, how does the naked cowboy do it?!