Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Land of Opportunity

When I moved to the city, I wanted to make sure that I made the most of this opportunity.  We don't know how long we will be here before we move to the suburbs. So in some ways, I wanted to "live it up"  I have only been here three months, but I definitely think I have been exposed to things that I would have never even thought about in Tampa.  One of the reasons I started this blog was to share with everyone all of the opportunities that I have be given since I have moved here.  I truly feel blessed for everything that has come into my life since we moved.  I find myself much more independent and self sufficient here.  You have to be in a city like this.  I think that if I didn't find a way to break out of my shell, Harlan and I would be stuck in this apartment 24/7.  I am learning a lot about myself since we've moved here.  I am a much happier person.  This tells me that this move was right for our family and it was at just the right time. (even though I had to be without my husband for nine months) 

Yesterday I took Harlan to open play at our kids gym.  She is really starting to feel comfortable there.  As soon as we stroll in and I take her out of her stroller, she runs over to the gate ready to get in.  As soon as she is in she is climbing on things, rolling around, and talking to all of the other little kids there.  I feel blessed that I can give this to her.  She looks so happy while she is there and she is definitely worn out when we leave.  Going to a place like this probably wouldn't have happened in Tampa.  I would most likely still be working and just probably wouldn't have found the time. 

Last night I had a great opportunity to go a an event at The Surrey Hotel to see a cooking demonstration with Brooke Peterson.  Brooke is a new mom (you could never tell)  of a four month of baby girl  and is on a show on the Food Network called Private Chef Beverly Hills. 

I had never been to The Surrey Hotel before last night, and let me tell you, it is absolutely gorgeous.  If you are coming to visit NYC and want to stay out of the tourist trap and on the upper east side, stay here.  The staff was very professional and very friendly.  The event was held in the presidential suite, which is absolutely breath taking.  I think the master bathroom was bigger than my apartment.

Brooke was super sweet.  She greeted and chatted with everyone as they came in.  Made sure everyone felt very comfortable and had a drink.  She wanted to give us recipes for both the kids and for us moms.  She had a great idea for breakfast for dinner and something that was a tradition with her family.  Once a month they would get dressed in their pajamas and take a picture.  She has an album of all of her breakfasts for dinner with her family growing up. 

She gave a great coffee maker apple cider recipe, and truffle waffles with maple syrup and chicken and a cotton candy momtini (which looked delicious).  I have to admit, I've never had waffles and chicken and although it doesn't sound appetizing, I will have to try it. 

The downside on the evening was that the electricity in her kitchen stopped working, so she was unable to do the cooking demo, but she did take us through all of the recipes. 

I had such a great evening meeting new people, hanging out with friends, and seeing the amazing Surrey Hotel.

Making the coffee maker cider

No electricity so we resorted to making cotton candy momtinis

Poring the cocktail on the cotton candy and watching it melt.


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