Saturday, October 9, 2010

An undeniable bond

MacKay came home early from work yesterday afternoon. This is one of his last summer Fridays where they let everyone leave early on Fridays in the summer. Apparently a lot of companies do that in the summer here in NYC.

As soon as he got home Harlan rushed to the door to give him a big hug. She always does this before he leaves for work and when he gets home.  As we got settled and laid on the couch as a family to watch "Gabba," Harlan goes and lays right down on her daddy. As she is getting older she is really becoming attached to him.

  As I write this MacKay is taking a nap with Harlan. She snuggled up with him in bed and laid her head on his chest. It's part of our Saturday morning routine. It's one of the cutest things I've ever seen. 

Even though Harlan and I lived apart from him for the first nine months of her life she definitely knows who her daddy is and she loves him very much. As her mom, I am not jealous of their bond at all. In fact, I encourage it.  I am very close with my dad and always have been. My dad and I are very similar and he always understands when I get frustrated with things because he too gets frustrated with the same things. As I get older my dad and I are getting closer.

  I think that when a little girl is born it is part of her natural instinct to be attached to her dad and her dad attached to her. Harlan and I have an amazing relationship just as I have with my mother. But I never want to get in the way of the relationship that MacKay has with his daughter. Harlan always asks for her daddy when he is at work and wants to see him as soon as she gets up in the morning. She is definitely starting to have him wrapped around her little finger. They laugh together, chase each other around, read books together, and so much more.  It makes he so proud that Harlan has such a good father and already has such an amazing relationship with him. She loves being a daddy's girl and I love her for that.
Harlan and daddy watching TV when he got home yesterday

Harlan and daddy watching TV before bed

Harlan cuddling with daddy at the park today

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  1. Lauren these pics of Harlan are so cute! She and Mackay have the same body language going on in the first one :) You seem like such an awesome Mommy. So cool that you will have these entries for Harlan to see when she's older.