Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

This weekend we really embraced the fall weather.  Yesterday it was apple picking and today it was a pumpkin patch.  I know I haven't been here for very long, but so far fall is my favorite season yet.  I love all of the fall colors everywhere and the weather is absolutely beautiful.  Living in Tampa most of my life we NEVER saw the leaves change.  The weather doesn't stray from being warm.  In fact, it is probably still hot there now (something I do not miss.) 

One of MacKay's co-workers invited us over to his building for a pumpkin patch in their park.  We jumped at the idea because yesterday we didn't have time to visit the pumpkin patch at Dr. Davies Farm.  At the park their were pumpkins everywhere.  This is one of the first times that Harlan has really seen a pumpkin so she went around the grass touching them all trying to figure them out. 

They had pumpkin painting (which was a little too advanced for her at this age), songs for seeds (a band from the local play place "Appleseeds") cupcakes, cookies, and apple cider.  It was a great place for families.

Harlan had such a fun time that I could hardly keep up with her.  Ever since she has learned to walk she is becoming more and more independent.   She doesn't want to be held or even be in the stroller.  She just wants to walk.  The park was a perfect place for this.  I was chasing after her everywhere.  I felt bad for the couple that invited us, because I couldn't carry on a conversation because I was too busy running after Harlan.  She even got in front of all the kids dancing to the band and started dancing with them.  She definitely isn't shy.  She loves going up to people we just meet and giving them a hug on their legs.  This independence and wanting to hug everyone is something new.  She just started getting really comfortable around others.  It is so sweet seeing her go up to anyone and just giving them a hug.  She loves everyone. 

Harlan got to pick out a pumpkin to bring home and we put it in her room.  It is a baby pumpkin and the perfect size for her to carry around.  Soon I need to get a bigger pumpkin that we can carve and light up.  Maybe I'll even get creative and try to carve something Yo Gabba Gabba for her (I know, that might be going to the extreme.)

It was a great weekend with the family and embracing this wonderful Fall season in the city.


  1. Hi Lauren! I love your blog! Summer usually keeps me well informed about your beautiful daughter! This is such a great idea! Your very own personal memories and pictures to remember such precious times. I have documented my childrens entire life with pictures but I have forgotten some of the details. This will be great to show her when she gets older!! Take care

  2. Thank you!! It's so great to have Summer up here. Harlan loves to play with her!