Monday, October 18, 2010

The Love of Music

I have always wanted to expose Harlan to music early.  Even before she was born, I would put headphones on my pregnant belly and play music for her.  Her kicks and squirms would get more intense as the music play on my stomach.  As soon as she was able to, she started dancing.  She can hear any kind of music and you will see her bounce up and down.  She loves it!  MacKay will even sing songs for her (her favorite right now for him to sing is "Empire State of mind"  Jay-Z and Alicia Keys) and she sways back and forth with her hands in the air. 

When we first moved here we were invited to start a class called "Rockin with Andy." There are about 8 babies and we rotate apartments every week.  Today was our day to host.  I spent all morning cleaning up everything to make sure that our apartment was presentable when everyone came over.  I actually didn't mind it because the apartment needed a good cleaning anyways and this gave me a good excuse.  

Everyone came over and we had a great time singing and dancing.  Harlan was definitely more comfortable in our apartment.  She usually gets very clingy, but today she was up and around dancing and playing with all of the instruments and toys.  She loves playing the drums (Andy has the cutest drums that look like lollipops that she loves) and with the shakers.

As I watch her dance and watch to the music I sit and wonder if this will lead to anything when she is older.  Will she become a dancer?  If so, what will be her favorite (ballet, tap jazz)?  Will she want to be in chorus?  Or will she dislike it all?  

I love that I can be with her everyday and watch her become the little lady that she is.  She makes me laugh, cry (happy tears) and look at life in a new way.  I love my baby girl! 


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  1. What a wonderful blog! Happy to see my arm made a photo!

    I am so happy that I sat next to you and introduced myself at Rockin W Andy at the Limelight Market. I can't believe we walked (ran) there in the rain, but so happy we did.

    You and Harlan make our group so special. Justin loves playing with her and has the biggest smile when he sees you.

    Tampa mommies are missing out, but NYC is lucky to have you girls.

    Your blogs are great Lauren, it's nice to see your journey. You take such great advantage of this city. - Courtney