Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I took a lot of time thinking of whether or not I wanted to start this blog. Now that I am a stay at home mom and not teaching anymore, I find it hard to let my creativity out. I figured that this would be a great way to do it. There was a point yesterday that helped me solidify everything....I was dropping off MacKay's dry cleaning at the cleaners downstairs. As I was dropping it off the man asked me where the baby was (she was upstairs sleeping.) At that moment I thought to myself, I live in this huge city with millions and millions of people, yet I have never felt more of a sense of a community than I do now. In my "neighborhood" I walk by the same people everyday, see the same women in the store window sewing together garments, the same woman feeding the pigeons at the church. It gives me this feeling of security and comfort. Although Tampa is much smaller than NYC, I never felt this way in Tampa. I want to share with you this "community" I live in. So, there you have it. Why I decided to start this blog.

I will post the journey of Harlan and I (and sometimes daddy) as we try to navigate our way around this new life of ours. You will get the good, the bad, the boring, and the ugly. I will try to be as candid as possible. So read at your own risk and have fun doing it! Enjoy!


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