Friday, October 22, 2010

She's a girl!

Before I even knew I was pregnant, I knew that my child would be bald.  I was bald until the age of two and MacKay was bald as well.  It really didn't bother me and it still doesn't.  I really think bald babies are really cute (I'm not partial or anything.) There are days where I wish Harlan had some hair so I could clip a bow in it, but ultimately, I really don't care. 

When Harlan was first born she would have a headband with a bow on her head all the time.  Almost every picture I have of her she has a matching bow with her outfit.  I loved flower clips (especially the big ones) and bows.  That's one of the best parts of having a girl is getting to dress her up in pretty outfits with matching bows.  I would take her out and everyone would comment on how cute she looked and how much they loved her little bow.  Most of her outfits would be ultra girly (which included a lot of pink and dresses)  Even the clothes I buy her now are somewhat girly. 

Now, I realize sometimes when babies are little it is hard to tell whether they are a boy or girl.  Especially when they have no hair.  So this is partially the reason that I dressed her the way I did.  Every once in a while people would mistake her for a boy but I just got over it.  But, ever since we have been here in the city, I must have at least one person call her a boy.  Like I said, this used to not bother me at all, but now I'm just getting annoyed.

Yesterday Harlan had on a purple outfit and one of the ladies in class asked me if she was a boy or a girl.  Lady, I don't know many moms that would dress her son up in a purple outfit (we are in NYC though, where most anything goes.) The other day the repair man came in the apartment to fix our microwave and Harlan had on some pink pajamas.  The guy kept saying that she was standing like such a big man and "he" was so handsome.  She could be wearing a bow in her hair and some people here would call her a boy.

So my question is, do I correct them or just let it go?  Usually I will try to subtly say "she does this" or "she does that" when they are calling her a him.  But sometimes people don't get it.   As I said before, it used to not bother me, but now I'm really starting to get annoyed.  So how do I fix it?

Aside from Harlan being called a boy this week, we have had a great time.  MacKay just got home today from being gone for work and I am so glad to see him.  Being home all day and night by yourself with a toddler is exhausting. Harlan was happy to see her daddy too.  She ran to meet him at the door.  First thing MacKay said was that she has gotten taller this week.   We have stayed busy this week and have had a class everyday! 

Happy weekend!!
Playing with the scaves at Gymboree.  She is obsessed with these things.

Harlan at Gymboree

Harlan likes to see how many rings she can collect.  She does this with everything.  I call her a hoarder.

At Little Maestros at Kidville (an AMAZING class btw)

She loved the hula hoops.


  1. I think you should just get her ears pierced.

  2. I knew you were going to say that!