Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Everywhere!

Halloween is everywhere around the city.  I am thinking that it is a pretty big holiday around here.  Quite different than Tampa.  I am used to celebrating Halloween one night a year by just having kids come to my door and passing out candy.  Not here.  In fact, I probably won't have anyone come to my door on that night.  Here in the city there are Halloween parties everywhere.  Harlan has a total of four this week!

One thing I will miss from Tampa that we won't do this year is carving a pumpkin.  I loved going to the pumpkin patch and picking out the perfect pumpkin only to go home and gut it and carve something scary on it.  And while we are carving we would always cook the pumpkin seeds and eat them while we admired our work.  It's the little things that I miss.  It's just not practical here.  We don't have anywhere to put it and none of our windows face the street. 

This year Harlan is a butterfly.  I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something that she probably will want to take off anyways (she is VERY picky about everything these days.)  I had a tutu that I bought her a while back and found some wings and rigged her headband with some pipe cleaners and wha-la, you have a Butterfly Harlan. 

Yesterday was the first of our Halloween parties.  Mommy Poppins had a party at the blurb pop up store in SoHo.  Harlan and I hopped on the train and got there right as it was starting (I wanted to make sure I had room to park my stroller somewhere.)  We walked around took her picture at their photo booth (which I can't wait to see) and munched on some great snacks including these adorable cake Halloween lollipops that Harlan LOVED.  Summer met us there and was such a big help with Harlan. Wed didn't stay long (Harlan was getting fussy,) but we had a great time and loved seeing all of the adorable costumes.

If you are ever bringing kids to the city please check out  Mommy Poppins website.  She posts everything you need to know about getting around with kids in the city!  Her website was a lifesaver when I first moved here and was trying to get involved in things.

We have another Halloween party tomorrow with our playgroup.  I spent all afternoon making some caramel apple oatmeal bars to bring (thank you to Meris for the recipe).  I have tons of apples still left over from our apple picking trip. 

I am really taking everything in this week.  Because it is so different from Tampa, I am in awe of everything.  This holiday isn't just for kids here, it is for everyone!


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